Saturday, April 4, 2009

Added Features

They're not new or unusual, but I have added my profile and a list of my blogs and other sites I have begun to work on. It will take years possibly to have them grow into mature sites and blogs, just as this blog has taken some time to get going.
Currently there are anywhere from 0 to 15 people visiting a day with an average of 4 visits and very few people clicking on the ads (not that that is the reason for the site but it does help in the long run). I am just that determined though to keep at it until all of the sites are updated at least weekly if not daily.
The more people who visit the more I update or at least it feels that way. Kind of like the story about the steam shovel where he kept working faster and faster the more people came to watch until just as the sun was setting he fininshed digging the foundation for city hall in one day. Maybe if I had a steam shovel all of this would be done....

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