Thursday, April 16, 2009

Texas Oranges

I went to a nursery recently and was told outright that citrus plants don't do well in our north texas climate, yet my wife was able to buy oranges grown not too far away.
Here in the center of the DFW metroplex the temperatures don't get quite as cold due to the abundance of heat produced by the millions of cars that drive around on the ever expanding heat absorbing and radiating roads, highways and interstates. As long as you can find a good place to conceal it from the onslaught of the winds that can get in excess of 30 mph on very windy days even in the sprawling neighborhood areas where I live during the cold weeks of winter and posibly cover it for temperatures below freezing.
I say weeks because as we all know here that there are only three seasons, almost summer, summer, and it will warm up again tomorrow. Very seldom do we have the problem of snow or ice and when we do it usually doesn't last past lunch.
Anyhow, one of the seeds planted from said texas orange has sprouted in the pot in the break room at work. It is much larger than the lemon sprout but doesn't yet have any signs of making any true leaves yet. Not that I'm suprised since it only sprouted last week.
My key lime sprouts are doing wonderful. There are about a dozen of them now and counting ( I planted around 40).

Stay tuned for more excitement from the citrus world.

On a different note, the melon and squash patch have taken off like I wouldn't have believed. I may have to thin them out before long so there is enough room for all of the fruit to mature. I'll definitely have to fertilize.

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