Monday, April 20, 2009


Just in case you were wondering, I do have bamboo in the backyard.
It is not however runnign rampant.
It is not digging under the house.
It is not invading the neighbor's yard.
It is not planted in the ground but in a pot. Otheriwse all of the above might not be true. Granted I have never seen bamboo try to come up inside a house but it might cut across a corner to reach the other side.
I have had it in a pot for two years now and it finally has decided to send up some new shoots. I was wondering if it ever would or if it would just stay green forever and get bushy.
I guess I should clarify that and say it is sending up a new shoot since there is only one so far and it's only about five inches tall.
If it keeps making new shoots I might just transplant it into a new pot one that is longer and wider so i can have parts to repair the fence. You never know when the neighbor's dog might want to chew a bit off of it.

While I'm on the topic of new shoots, my lemon tree seems to have acclimated to the bakc yard and has decided to continue growing for a spell. I just hope the rest of the citrus plants take it's lead and keep growing. So far the Kaffir lime has come to a halt and the key limes are barely crawling up out of the dirt.

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