Sunday, April 19, 2009

Bamboo Fence

I have undertaken the huge task of building a fence out of bamboo. If you know much at all about bamboo you can breathe easy. I'm not planting it. Instead I am taking the bamboo that others have cut out of their backyard or sideyard or front of the house.
The last load of canes was taken from a house where the new owners who had recently moved in had put on Craig's List. I am nicer than most in that my wife and I not only took the pieces we were able to trim and strip before the sun set, well before a few hours after the sun set. We also helped bind the clippings and put them on the side of the street for the trash to pick up.
I have finally with my wife's help put all of the pieces in the backyard to be lashed together. This will probably take many months to complete since I still don't have enough cane to finish the project. Maybe a third or fourth.
There are unfortunately no pictures of this yet as it was again dark by the time we stacked them up where they will sit for a few days at least until I have the time to trim the remaining stalks sticking off the sides of the canes. Don't worry though, there will be pictures, lots and lots of pictures.

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