Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Front Garden Layout

There's more to it, but below are pictutes from the roof again.

This time it's of the front gardens. I've placed them so they are in order. The top edge of the top picture is the street we live on and the right side is our driveway. The tree shown is a 9 year old oak that came with the house. I can only estimate it's age from what our neighbor tells us.
The bottom of the bottom picture is the walkway leading up to the front door. The right side is our rock garden and the left side next to it has our pepper plants, mums, hyacinth and iris.
The planting strip along the upper part of the gravel walk has lamb's ear, parsley, lettuce, cabbage and sage. The lettuce can be seen in both pictures.
The large cloud of yellow is our fennel. I really should figure out something to make with it before it dies off...
On the corner of the drive and street there are two small lavender bushes. Too bad most of the plants aren't recognizable here.
The middle round area in the top picture is where we decided to put the mint, chives, and other assorted herbs.


  1. Nice wavy lines. I always think that makes a garden look bigger and better.

  2. I love the path Jacob ! That is what I am looking for in my garden .. I'm hoping to have the help of some landscaping people early Autumn .. it is going to shake up the back garden a lot if I follow through with my plans .. yours is wonderful !

  3. A very neat layout... as the garden matures, it will look even better.

    Happy gardening,
    ~ bangchik

  4. You've got some great designs going. I love gravel paths. They add such intricate design to the gardens.