Friday, June 5, 2009

Grapevine by the shed

When I first started gardening my grandfather had rows of grapevines that he had just started. He didn't quite know what would happen even though he had been gardening for most of his life, I believe he was in his sixties at the time. My mom was the baby of the family and I am her yougest son (no I won't call myself a baby...) Anyway he set them up on the west side of the house and they grew but produced no grapes the entire time he kept them. I don't think he ever figured out why but I do know that he never told me.

Now, I love grapes almost as much as I love banannas. Not really because I love everything I can think of that has banannas in it, but that's another post. So, when I grew up, or at least older I figured that I would grow some grapes. This hasn't happened yet but I do know a lot of places where they grow wild in the area, something else I won't tell you. I wanted to have some close though and one of our great friends gave us a vine for our backyard. It will most probably grow grapes since it's parent plants produce grapes in her yard.

I have since put it by the shed on a corner and water and baby it more than some of the other plants we have so someday soon I expect to have grapes of my own.

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