Thursday, June 11, 2009


Last night it rained, heavily, and the roof of the greenhouse decided to let some of the rain in. It's really not much of a greenhouse since there are very few plants in it but the rain was good for the rest of the garden. In fact it's probably the first good watering my ginger has gotten since it was planted. Sure I watered it a little now and then but it never got a really good soaking.
It's part of the master plan for the back of the house as a kind of wall for the rest of the shade plants. It's on the side where there's nothing to block the sun except for the fig tree which isn't really big enough yet to fully do the job right.
All I started with was a bit of root left over from cooking. I planted it in a pot inside and it grew for a while during the winter. When spring came I took it outside and the leaves all fell off. A few weeks ago however it shot up again and seems to be doing well.

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