Saturday, November 29, 2008


The rooting is still coming along nicely excpet for a few bug problems.
Spider mites have invaded and the affected plants had to be removed.
When I lived in an apartment they would have been tossed over the balcony to die in seclusion, but as it is I have no balcony.

Friday, November 28, 2008


I can't stress the importance of soil type too much. I just lost another few plants to poor soils not draining. They wouldn't drain and the plants rotted.


It really sucks. But, I put them out to decay in the compost pile. I figure it needed some non organics in it anyway.

Rooting Update

My bay, oleander and coleus seem to be doing just fine wheras some of my other plants all lost their leaves and rotted. So far I'm half way successful! The oleander is the only one I have at work since I don't want the cats at home trying to eat it and die. My wife would never forgive me for that one. If all goes well, it will be planted between my drive way and my neighbor's. She has wanted some kind of plant there for a while and I can train it to look like a small tree.

Lonely Beet

I had one beet left over after making a side dish for dinner. So I decided to plant it and see what happens. Today after some thought I wondered if it would survive the winter. As far as I can tell with a little research. The beet should do just fine and come back up in the spring. With pollen in the air or on insects or whatever, I should have a flowering beet next year and a few little beetlings springing up next fall for a late harvest/patch.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


From what I hear and see from my attempts, this is the best time to do rooting from cuttings.

I'm currently rooting Bay, Oleander, Coleus (shade or house plant), and a couple of vines of unknown type. I was told they would look nice.

A hint on rooting is to add hydrogenperoxide to the water, just a tad, and change the water every few days to prevent unwanted things growing and killing the plant.

Steak and Tomatoes

I was recently reminded how expensive tomatoes are. Little round veggies shouldn't be as expensive as angus beef!

So once again, with the help of my indoor plant hutch, I will try to grow tomatoes in the spring.
Recently I was told to start them in late February or at the latest March first.
Hopefully I'll get more than a few flowers and dead vines this time around.