Thursday, January 19, 2012


When I think of mushrooms I usually think of a pizza topping.  For the longest time I didn't realize I had been eating them in my chinese food for years, they just didn't look like pizza toppings.
My yard doesn't usually get mushrooms popping up but my yard is usually really dry and mushrooms like a good bit of moisture to grow.  By the time it rains here it's also gotten colder.  If it gets too cold mushrooms don't like that either.  In southeast Texas in the piney woods area the moisture is much better mushroom growing.  the rains are more frequent and the temperatures usually milder.  Of course there are those people who water their yards so much that it seems like a nice long rain has occurred. In that case you can spot the occasional mushroom sprouting up here and there right in the middle of an otherwise well kept yard.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Springing Plants

I don't know who told them to but I have several plants, most notably the lamb's ear and echinacea, sprouting and shooting up like there's no winter left but little do they know it's going to freeze again tonight.
One of the plants I don't think will mind too much is the snow pea plant.  I believe I misidentified it as a edamame.  Well I couldn't remember what I planted in that pot I just knew that I gave up on it when all of the pots baked in what felt like a 400 degree oven that is the metroplex...
The agave plants likewise should have no problem with the cold.  There are lots of them in the area and none of them so far have had any really bad effects from the cold.
The fennel likewise is making a comeback and the wild onion is actually a little late it feels like.  There are a few up front but the back seems a little lacking in that field...

Alum Root?

As far as I can tell the little plants we have growing outside the house are Alum.  If anyone knows different please let me know.  I'm pretty sure they aren't zucchini but I only did a quick mug shot search of other plants and can't be positive of it's identification.

Update: It's grown and I just never got around to editing the post. It turns out to be zebra hollyhock. I've added a picture (generic) of one of these below.  So far it hasn't died and still puts off beautiful flowers in the spring and fall.  It's gotten about 3 1/2 feet tall but not very wide.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Potager's Other Stuff

Potager has always been a place you could go in and sit down to a good meal.  The owner Cynthia has decided to go further and open a store just down the way where there used to be a coffee shop, and then another.  Don't worry too much if you've happened in there for a cup though.  She'll still have coffee but she'll have a lot of other stuff too, all relating to living naturally, and yes coffee is natural as far as I'm concerned.
I thought it was interesting that even near the shops there are rosemary bushes along the street.  No need to run to the store for any of that.  She also has a garden outside the restaurant.
At the new store though she'll have a lot of the ingredients she uses for sale from different local suppliers.  These will range from fresh fruit and veggies to meat, cheese and eggs.  There will also be a wide range of local artisan crafts featuring herbs and gardening.
Located in downtown Arlington it's a great place to look around and when you're done just hop across the street for lunch.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Crochet Class at UTA

So this isn't necessarily... ok, anything like a garden post but I can't help myself.
I will be teaching a class on basic crochet at UTA this spring.  It will be from April 14 to the 28 for three Saturdays.  Even if you have no idea how to crochet, as long as you keep at it you will be able to do a simple project by the end of the last class.  Most of you are probably out of the area and won't be able to make it but if you live in the metroplex just go to UTA's continuing education site here.

Agave Babies

It's so cute when a plant decides to have a family.  Agave seems to want to keep it's kids close.  I'm probably going to have to get these babies new homes though.  Fortunately I don't think it will get any separation anxiety.

Potager Cafe Open House Today

The wonderful folks out at Potager Cafe are having their third anniversary open house and my wife and I will be out there supporting them and the other local craft people.

You can find more info at Potager's site following this link.

My wife will have her book for sale, A Walk Through Dandylyon's Garden.  We hope to see a lot of people out there to support their wonderful cafe.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Edamame Flowers

So far the edamame vine has kept growing even in below freezing temperatures.  The flowers are even still blooming.  Not sure how cold it will take but so far all resources suggest it doesn't grow so well in such temps. I guess we'll see how much longer it keeps growing.

Edit: I haven't fertilized them.  In fact I forgot I planted them until they came up and started blooming.  I had given up the pots on the side of the house since the heat over the summer killed most everything.  There's also a radish or some sort of root type veggie growing in one of the pots too.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Blotanical v2

One of the best sites out there for gardeners is getting a facelift and more functionality.  Scheduled to go online in February this year we are sure to be able to expect some neat things and continued posts from gardeners around the world. Blotanical

Here is a link to their screen shot they've posted as a preview.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Winter Postponed

So far winter has decided not to make too much of an impression.  It's cool enough to keep grass from growing much but for the most part it's been a nice mild winter.  January and February are still ahead but so far I really can't complain about the weather.
We had some nice rain, which was desperately needed even in Austin where my brother was having his wedding but was not rained out. The heat this winter is enough that many of my not so cold hardy plants are still producing and the wild onion in the back doesn't think it's time to come up yet.
The down side is that the ants don't think it's winter yet either and are still mounding and preparing for spreading.  I've killed many ants already.