Monday, August 25, 2014

Strawberries Acclimating

It's taken all summer but the strawberry plants are finally starting to feel at home. Some of them didn't make it but with the heat, even though it has been a mild summer, took half of the plants. The rest seem to be liking the location we selected and are starting to get bigger. Hopefully we'll have a few berries before the summer is over.
Our trip down south just reminded me of how much I wish we had more rain. We were caught in a sprinkle, not a downpour or a barely nothing few drops. It came down softly and cooled things off a little. Of course after that the sun came back out and turned it all to humidity you could feel. Kind of like when you have a hot shower, you just stepped out, and the mirror is fogged up so thick you think it's just part of the wall.