Monday, January 31, 2011

Office Banana

I've never though about it before but the banana tree is just a type of plant that gets rally big. It isn't a tree. It shouldn't have suprised me then when one of the plants in the office started to make what looks like a bunch of bananas. Looking back at what the flower looked like it's not that much different than a banana flower. The fruit is even turning yellow from green. I'll give it a few more days before I pick it off and see what it looks like inside.

Early Spring?

No, it's just typical Texas weather. Mid 60's and I have to put the air on in the car. It's like an oven in there. It will be nice and chilly before the Super Bowl parties this weekend though and the plants seem to know this. Nothing yet has sprouted but I'm still busy in the study getting ready for planting when spring really does get here.
I just repotted a small pine tree into a new little pot for planting when it gets warm. Maybe I'll have some options for what to plant between the driveways.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A Walk Through Dandylyons Garden

We're going to be printing more copies of my wife's book soon. It's already sold out of the first print run and we already have more requests. We're going to do a small run to increase revenue for a much larger run after that.
The book is about using botanicals in everyday life. It contains some of her favorite crafts and has an entire section on teas.

You can see the complete table of contents and more about the book on her site Dandylyon's Garden.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Potager Cafe

My wife and I had the privilage of going to the anniversary of Pottager Cafe last weekend. All sorts of people showed up and there was no shortage of customers. My wife was waiting for the line to go down and she finally realized that it wasn't going to happen.
They served a variety of things including catfish, quiche, bread, vennison, baked squash, and desserts. I'm sure there were others but I didn't try everything.
If you've never been, it's at 315 S. Mesquite, Arlington, Texas. It's a little different since you pay what you want to pay, with a recommended list on the wall. Everything is fresh and cooked where you can see it all happen.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Winter Report

The cold held off pretty well as I though it might but it's coming in now with a little more umph.
For the most part the garden is faring well. The onions that I started are sprouting like they should. I just need to keep watering them well.
The lemon tree has been left out to see just how cold it can get before leaves start falling off. I talked with a friend who also has one outside and he said that it survived the snow with only a few end twigs dying back. So, here goes nothing.
Everything else seems to be going dormant and resting except for the radish plant that has taken off with fevor. It is twice the size of a basketball and is all greens. Might make a salad later...