Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Kiefer Lime Sprout 2

Well folks, I now have another sprout to share.
(insert picture here, well not really. I'll do it next time)

I noticed that there was something very different with this sprout compared to the last one. If you look down the blog here at the first sprout, you will notice, at least after I point it out, that it doesn't have any cotyledon (embryonic leaves). They're just not there.
When I get around to taking a picture of the new sprout you will definitely see the cotyledon in the picture. They're big and green.
I just hope I don't kill them off when I go on my cruise next week!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Kiefer lime tree size

I had to go back and edit this one since I forgot to mention the actual size these trees can get to.
Kiefer lime trees can get up to fifteen feet or more in height but can be kept in a pot indoors and trimmed. A plant will only grow as big as it's roots can grow for the type of plant.
Some other citrus plants such as the meyer lemon tree can get upwards of twenty-five feet.
To reach maturity and size takes more years than it takes to produce fruit so even after it's fruiting it still may have plenty of room to grow.

Most of you are probably wondering when I expect to be able to get limes off of the kiefer lime tree, or for that matter the lemon tree already seven years old.
If a citrus tree is well maintained, unlike mine which really need better lighting and feeding, a typical citrus of this type can produce in as little as five years or as much as ten years before producing fruit.
The first year is probably not going to give as good of a fruit as successive years will, but might be edible and useful for jam or lemonaide.

I just squeezed some meyer lemons for lemonaide (More Seeds for the planting), and cut up several to make marmalade.

For the marmalade all I had to do was half and then quarter the halves and remove the seeds. Place most if not all of the seeds in a cheese cloth and tie off. Then thinly slice the quarters and place in 4 cups of water with the bag of seeds for 24 hours. The next day boil the water down for 45 minutes, remove the seeds and add 4 cups of sugar. Cook on low until it gels on a cold plate, then can.

It tastes great! I made some drop biscuits to go with it.
You might think that it would be a little bitter. Notice that I did NOT say to peel the lemons. The rind is cooked with everything else and is soft and not too bitter after it's been cooked. Trust me I've eaten half a jar already.

Unfortunately the other seeds still haven't sprouted. I haven't given up hope yet though and I now have meyer lemon seeds to plant. Ahhhhh, I don't have any room! I'll figure something out.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Kiefer Lime Sprout

It died...
Blunt? Yes.
Over? No.

There's still another chance to have a kiefer lime tree! Sure it hasn't sprouted yet and shows no sign of doing so, but there's always next year and my lemon tree is still doing great. The new sprouts are still making new leaves and I think there are some more sprouts trying to make it out.
I might have to eliminate some of the new shoots to keep it from bushing too much.
I also have several lemon sprouts at work in with the corn plants (the office variety).

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