Monday, September 1, 2014

Apple Tree

Apple trees are really easy to grow from seed. I've grown a few of them so far and usually just let them die off after a while since I don't have anywhere to really grow a full size tree.  This little sprout came up over the weekend and needs to be put in  sunny area of the office so it can acclimate a little more before being put outside. I can probably find somewhere this guy can go, whether it's somewhere on a vacant lot or an out of the way spot where it won't drop apples on anyone's car, not the best thing for a car.
Unfortunately I won't be able to tell what kind of apple tree this will be. Most people don't think about it but usually the seeds of an apple will not produce the same kind of apple the seed came from. Often the trees will be grown among other apple tree varieties that are better pollinators, usually crabapple, so that the crop will be larger than if they were just by themselves.  This is why I didn't even bother to label what kind of apple it came from, just that it was an apple.  Since I'm not really picky about my apples as far as variety it won't matter anyway.  Also it takes several years for an apple tree to produce.