Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Butterflies Calling In Spring

Butterflies are one of those things everyone expects to see when spring comes around.  There's nothing like a warm spring day with a gentile breeze and a field of butterflies fluttering around.  I tried when I was very little to catch some in a little net.  I only caught a few but being so little I didn't realize how fragile they were.  I don't remember what I did exactly but I'm sure I should have been more careful.
We've been seeing a lot of butterflies recently, especially black swallowtails since we've purposefully put out plants they like to eat. Among these are dill, fennel, rue, and parsley.  I'm sure there are others but these are the most commonly known ones.
We've also seen other butterflies though, our dianthus and onion flowers seem to attract large yellow and white butterflies and a small grey one, respectively.  Who knows what other types may flutter by as more flowers open like our cone flower and the milkweed out back.