Saturday, January 1, 2011

Winter Report

The cold held off pretty well as I though it might but it's coming in now with a little more umph.
For the most part the garden is faring well. The onions that I started are sprouting like they should. I just need to keep watering them well.
The lemon tree has been left out to see just how cold it can get before leaves start falling off. I talked with a friend who also has one outside and he said that it survived the snow with only a few end twigs dying back. So, here goes nothing.
Everything else seems to be going dormant and resting except for the radish plant that has taken off with fevor. It is twice the size of a basketball and is all greens. Might make a salad later...

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  1. Jacob, Wishing you Happy New Year 2011! May you have lots of joy and laughter along the way.