Monday, February 27, 2012

Root, Stem and Flower

Never mind that they're not all the same plant, these are what's happening.

The grape hyacinth is in full bloom and seems to be the only one left that wishes to do so.
Same goes with the fern.  We planted several plants last year and this little guy is the only one who came back. I still have some hope but it's waning as the days go on.
The onion isn't planted at all but you know how onions do. One day they're in the onion bin waiting to be cooked and the next day they're ready to be planted and make little baby onion plants.  I'll be transfering him soon with a couple others.

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  1. Hi there,

    looking at that onion reminds of my garlic. I usually throw them away when they start growing 'roots', perhaps I should think twice and place it in a container. Never thought you could do that with grown veggies.