Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Citrus Progress - Key Lime Sprouts Divided

Ok, I have finally divided the key lime sprouts. It was a little dificult with the ants crawling in the dirt but I managed. They're divided into twelve little pots now and will be numbered and recorded. I'm thinking that Tuesdays should be good for the records. Currently they're still sitting on the back porch but one day... You know the rest. They will be ready for the plant swap in the fall however and well acclimated to their new pots. They really were crowded in there. Even divided into the twelve pots there are still two plants in four of the new pots, sixteen plants in all.

The lemon tree and kaffir lime sprout will also be tracked.

Speaking of the kaffir lime sprout, it's finally looking like it will have a characteristic leaf forming! The patience seems to be paying off. It will still be a while for the flavor to enter the leaves and give that wonderful aroma to thai dishes.


  1. So cool! I've never seen a key lime plant before but I LOVE key lime pie. Wish we could grow that in the NE but it's too darn cold most of the time. -Jackie

  2. Hey, the plants seem to be doing fine and adjusted to their new environment. Great!