Monday, July 27, 2009

Jujube fruit (tastes like apple)

I saw the fruit. I picked the fruit. I ate the fruit. I was then told that if I don't know what it is then I shouldn't eat it and would not be driven to the hospital if it was poisonous since she keeps telling me the same thing again and again.
Fortunately it was not poisonous. It was a jujube. I figured it was either that or an olive and the tree didn't look rough enough to be an olive. So I ate it and lo, it tasted like a dry, not so sweet, apple.

(for reference here is the jujube I ate and a picture of an olive. the pits look similar too.)

One of the local nurseries said that they grow very well in the area even during a drought. It won't be until a few more weeks until they are ripe though. At that time I will go back and get some more and see if I can't make jam out of it. They are supposed to be really good for the stomach.


  1. I've never heard of that fruit... interesting. Thanks for sharing. -Jackie

  2. Ran across your blog looking for info on jujubes but you've given me a great chuckle. I too have been told that I'm not going to be driven to the hospital for my culinary habits. (It involved realizing I've got a slight allergy to pineapple and my continued insistence on eating it much to my boyfriend's disdain) I guess us fruit lovers are keen to live on the wild side? :P