Monday, September 7, 2009

Cowboy's Stadium

You're probably thinking what this could possibly have to do with gardening, but YES there is a little bit of greenery in the massively concrete and fake grass complex. I found it just outside of the front doors.

This is not the garden. this is very lush and healthy plastic grown in tiny chipped up pieces of rubber.

Ok, it wasn't much but what do you expect of football people. If it's green then it's either guacamole or a shirt. Way more money and time was spent on figuring out how much to charge people for watching, or more likely not watching and instead chatting about what company you just bought, a game in a private suite where you can't even cook your own food in the kitchen that's just four feet away from you.

Maybe that sounds a little jaded...

All I can say is that it at least looks neat.
I could so play Mario on that screen.

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