Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Tagetes Lucida (Mexican Mint)

When I got into the office this morning, only 1 minute late, I found a plant had been left on my desk by one of my coworkers. We had been talking about plants and she decided that I needed another plant. She was right! I always need another plant.

She said the leaves can be used in teas. I creshed a leaf and it smelled like mint and licorice.

I know right where I want to plant it too. We had a gas leak near the street and the gas guys dug up one of our butterfly bushes. It's supposed to get 2-3 feet high which should do well in the front.


  1. Interesting combination of smells - mint and licorice. Never heard about it. Looks good.

  2. Bet you'll have fun with that plant. I've never heard of it. The scent of the leaves sounds so nice.