Saturday, September 12, 2009


I have recently gotten a new favorite indoor plant, tumeric. If you know what it is you probably wonder why it's so good and where you can get it.
It's a great indoor plant because it's not eaten by my cats. Ok, so they nibbled on it at first but they really don't like the taste. It sits on the window sill easily within reach and where they know plants like to grow. Other plants they have eaten there include, ivy, ginger, mint, beets, basil, and who knows what I've forgotten.
You can get it at any ethnic store such as an asian market or Fiesta. Just look in the fresh produce section and look for fresh root.

Thanks to Gururaj for pointing out the correct spelling. I'm southernized and so I don't always spell things the way they should be. Everyone down here says "tumeric" instead of "turmeric".

Also here's a pic. The turmeric is the big one and the ginger is the one the cats devour.


  1. I use turmeric for the curcumin content to treat my Rheumatoid arthritis-it is one of the most powerful anti-inflammatory plants known and has no side effects. It works great in combination with Tulsi!

  2. We grow tumeric all over. They seem to love cooler place. They bloom too, signaling the harvest of bulbs of tumeric. One is blooming right now, I will share in the blog soon. cheers ~bangchik

  3. What will you use your tumeric for? I know ti's great in curries.