Tuesday, September 15, 2009

GBBD Lament

I unfortunately do not have anything that is really blooming at the moment unless you consider weeds to be blooming. Well, I guess they are. But the flowers aren't what you would call showy or even pretty in a delicate sort of way. They're just weedy and annoying.

On the topic of bulbs though I do have a few notes to comment on and ponder over.

I noticed a post about green onions and which types grow where and how to use them etc. In my backyard I just let them grow near the house. There is always some sticking up somewhere and I haven't had to worry about it in years. I know, I did buy some for my gumbo last week but that was different. They looked neat!
There are a lot of bulbs that I just leave in the ground. Lillies, iris, hyacinth, and a couple I don't remember up near the street. They come back every year without fail.

In the DFW metroplex my peppers also come back occasionally from the year before. In fact one of them has lasted three years, a little jalapeno.

The last flower in the yard that I can recall was the rock rose a few days ago. It seems to bloom whenever it wants without any pattern I can see.

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