Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Vegetation Inspiration

Man has always looked to nature for new ideas and, dispite his most valient efforts, falls very short of making anything nearly as effieient as nature.

I was looking closely at a citrus leaf and the entire leaf was laid out so that every part of the leaf was the right size to channel everythying to where it needs to go. A leaf that can fit in the palm of my hand would have made any public works director thrilled if that were his infrastructure.

If you imagine each light spot is a building and the lines are the water and sewer, there would be plenty of redundency and the pipes are perfectly sized.

Below is a closeup picture of a citrus leaf and actual sewer and water maps for a city (available to the public online). I must admit that the sewer lines look more like a leaf but the water lines have the loops.


  1. That leaf is very beautiful. I like what you've written about it-- like a road map. I wrote a post on leaves only yesterday.

  2. Interesting metaphor. Pretty cool.

  3. I do agree that this picture of the leaf is beautiful.