Monday, September 21, 2009


I have been putting it off for way too long. There are more weeds in the flower beads and garden than I have plants that I want. I finally took action and pulled for a few hours.
The center bed, the round one, is now weed free and fortunately most of the plants that I have put in there are doing fine. The mint for instance has taken off and is in about a third of the bed.
At first I thought the lavender in the top section was dead but it apparently only had a few dead leaves. Our first lavender died from overwatering, a flood really.
The brick area was not too bad but had a lot of grass growing over the top. I should probably raise the brick border a little to keep more of the grass runners out but alas I don't have any more bricks.
The new mower is fortunately working great and the grass is trimmed neatly and looking great.

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